Floor Maintenance Sydney

Maintaining your new floor is an important part of the process, as this will prolong the life of your floors. Dirt is the most common form of wear. At Mister Floors we can arrange to come out and maintain your floors for you or we can recommend products available for DIY use.


Proper maintenance is often the most overlooked aspect of timber flooring projects. Preventative maintenance includes:

  • The installation of adequate mats at all entrances and high traffic areas
  • Felt protectors on furniture legs to prevent scratching
  • On-going maintenance includes proper cleaning methods and use of protective products
  • Regular inspection for signs of wear and re-coating before wear-through of the finish occurs.
  • Remembering never to wet mop a timber floor!

Bona Timber Floor Cleaning Kit

We can provide you with a top quality cleaning kit to keep your floors sparkling.

A Bona Timber Floor Cleaning Kit is the easy way to keep your floor looking good. Designed especially for timber floors, the kit includes a Bona Mop and microfibre pad, together with Bona's Timber Floor Cleaner. This is ready to use in a convenient 1 Litre trigger spray bottle. Lightly mist an area of the floor and wipe over. The Bona Timber Floor Cleaning system guarantees a minimum amount of moisture is used and the floor will dry without streaks.

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